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Thread: Thoughts on Storm practice

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    Thoughts on Storm practice

    Thought I would put this here, mod move it if this is the wrong forum.

    I'll take a pass on the Storm practice, here's why. Yesterday Lake Elsinore was 100 deg. f so going forward the committee/powers/those in charge might keep that in mind as a good "winter" location, too hot for me now.

    Running 10-12 laps continuous as fast as the grid & starter can get them out is not my idea of what a "practice" is. I like to be able to evaluate, change, modify the car in between morning & afternoon runs, the "other" way to run a practice.

    I may take a ride out & observe how the lot works/lays out.

    Not to be a "sky is falling" type, as in general I am not, but looking at the google map the lot is surrounded by homes, CLOSE. How long you figure it will take for some "community organizer type" to round up a few neighbors & shut down "those loud/fast cars" driving like crazy? My bet is 2 or 3 events. Remember CSUSM?

    No agenda here, just thoughts, you guys need feedback/input from members, right? Mine's free. And I do say thanks to the "Lot Committe" it's not easy to relocate what we love to do, is it?


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    Thanks Bob, and I think many of us share the same concerns. The thing is, we need to keep pushing for new sites and alternatives, as the sky is not falling on the stadium, but the heavy storm clouds are on the horizon and coming our way. Our choices are few and far between, so we need to try anything and everything we can within reason. Maybe Elsinore is better for cooler months and we ran a season from September to March, or we can only get a few events a year, or maybe only for next year. We don’t know, but what we do know is we have a chance to keep moving and solve the next hurdle if and when we get to it, knowing full well what they might be already. Interestingly, the City had to permit the event and we got through that process.

    We haven’t given up on CSUSM, and that appears to be an odd situation that wasn’t related to any event or even issue specifically. There was an incident ancillary and unrelated to an event that caused the problem. Again, something we’re dealing with as the next hurdle there. Why give up at the first “no”? If we ‘d have done that with Elsinore, it wouldn’t have happened even once.

    Maybe we also need to consider other things to do and mix in - road rallies (can be done with an app now, no need for masses of volunteers), or time attack events at Chuckwalla (SCCA, GTA and Gridlife all coordinating and a new push). We can play or not play, so I say never give up and be flexible!

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    It's a funny thing about "educators" (CSUSM). It's like my 3rd grade teacher used to do when some (one) kid did "something wrong" and she punished the WHOLE CLASS. How (in the mind of a teacher) does that make sense? The only lesson I can gather from that is the lesson is "how to rat out" your fellow student. Too sinister? I dunno.

    Have "you guys" looked at Fontana and especially the infield track? I have run it a bit and it is more fast fun that anyone should be allowed to have. PCA and independents like Speed Ventures run there a lot. I would go there as it's not much farther "up the road" than Storm.


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    We haven’t had a group of individuals yet that wants to take on trying to start/build a time attack type program, although there apppears to be interest nad is clearly a focus area for SCCA overall. San Diego does not have any tracks in its sanctioned region, Fontana and Chuckwalla are the closest and require us to get permission from Cal Club as they are located in their region (same for Elsinore by the way). Cal Club has been very cooperative in past road racing endeavors hosted by SDR at Chuckwalla and now the Elsinore lot for solo. Fontana is their primary site for solo, and not sure what the status of us hosting a road course/time attack event would be. SCCA has hosted several Track Night in America events there, one last weekend in fact. I could see there perhaps being a joint/coordinated effort with Cal Club.

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    Thanks, I believe, informally, there are maybe a dozen give/take that I believe would participate in a track day there. Most of them just go on an individual basis now. That would be a core group & hopefully add participants from there. Anyway, thoughts...

    Does any cal club scca branch do events there?
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    I don't believe they run any track programs there other than road racing from time to time

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    Bob, it was a great event. Yes, we caught a hot as hell day, but the lot and surface are very good. We drew a lot of the neighbors in, had people come over for ride alongs, people from the houses were on the sound wall watching. No guarantees, but went about as well as it could. We used a nationals style grid so if you wanted some extra time, you weren’t “stuck in line” Yeah, maybe skip a run or two, or slip in a little out of sequence, but plenty of seat time even still. Check out the feedback on FB if you can

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