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Thread: SCAT autocross extra runs

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    SCAT autocross extra runs

    I signed up for the SDCCU stadium solo event on 6/2.

    How does "extra runs" work with SCAT? I am in the FS class, run group 4. I assume that means I'll work during group 3. Are there additional run/work groups that I need to join with "extra runs"?

    I want to bring a co-driver. If I select the $15 co-driver option, do we share the same number of runs? If we don't want runs to be reduced, what options do we have?
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    The $15 option is for Saturday Practice days. On Sunday if you want 4 laps each you each sign up as a separate driver, each in FS class session 4. You are correct you can will work session 3, you will want to show up no later than 11pm so you have time to tech car and walk track. When session 4 is up you can then share the car in the two driver lane. What kind of car are you in?
    CAM is good...

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    Sounds good. We'll sign up separately.

    It is a 2018 Camaro V6 1LE. Hopefully I can see the cones...

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    Option two with that car is sign up for CAM-C in the morning, “X runs” in afternoon. You work group 1 run group 2, then in afternoon, work group 3 (or 4) run group 4 (or 3). Costs twice as much, ($60 each) but you each get 8 runs. There is also a chance, with either option, that SCaT will offer “Fun Runs” after group 4. They are usually 3 for $5. But “Fun Runs” probably only happen 10-20% of the events.
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    Nothing says you NEED to run in class (FS). You can choose to run X twice. I remember one member who talked them into just one work group and ran X in the other 3.

    Have fun anyway.

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