I have processed a few full HD slow-motion videos of the listed cars in run groups 1 and 2 from the SCNAX 7/21/19 event. A low-resolution sample is attached. These videos have parts of a few runs on the same car. I was only at the event for a short while, so I didnít get everyone. These can be purchased like any other photo, but they are very large MP4 files (65MB+).

21 & 121
54 & 154
67 & 167

In many cases, I may have only gotten a single short clip of part of one run. If you want to know if there is one of your car, let me know your number and Iíll check.

Hereís the deal, if a single pass clip is available for your car, make a new purchase of at least one still photo from Late Apex Photo of previous events and Iíll provide the slow-motion clip for free. Enjoy.