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Thread: Pix and Videos 03/03/19

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    Pix and Videos 03/03/19

    Enjoyed yesterday's event! Here are some videos of my runs. My best being a 74.1 :/ on my street tires. On the fun run was able to get a 72.7. Thank you Bill Sanford for being such an awesome mentor and to Diane C for teaching me timing in the trailer. Had a great time and look forward to going to another event.

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    Thanks for all the help and tips again! I'm having fun learning how to autocross!

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    Candid Portraits

    Some of you may have noticed that I was shooting photos of people at Sunday’s championship instead of being out on course. After the drenching I took on Saturday, I figured I'd give the old body a rest and capture some of the people that make the SCCA what it is. From the laughs, the intensity and the concentration, you all make shooting candid portraits fun. If anyone is offended, in witness protection or just hate your photo, let me know ( and it will be removed ASAP. Check out your friends at their best.
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    I took a load of photos of the 1st and 2nd run groups. You can find them at the link below. Hope you enjoy!
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