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Thread: s2000 classing. another noob. i apologize in advance.

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    Wink s2000 classing. another noob. i apologize in advance.

    hello all. i know this has been discussed hundreds of times but i cant find the links towards the answer im looking for. my AP2 s2000 has coilovers and 17x9 +35 wheels all around. i was trying to figure out what class i would be in. i have just been practicing getting some seat time but this coming event is competition so i would like to know what class my car would fall under. any info would be greatly appreciated. again i apologize and assure you ive read the rule book countless times and researched but cant seem to figure it out. im a beginner so take it easy on me LOL

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    Depends on your tires.
    If < / = 255mm -> STR
    If > 255 -> Street Prepared B (BSP)

    This guide/overview is a bit old (2009) but still pretty useful
    but nothing better than the full rules

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    thank you so much!!

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    If you are new, plan to run in the afternoon in novice class, you'll get an extra run, can take an instructor along for all runs, and if we have time for fun runs, they're $5 for 3 so you might get more seat time. No need to worry about "competing" on a champ day.

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