Gonna throw this out there. I've been involved in this for a bit. Years on, then years gap, and now I'm back in. Just my honest opinion, and leave it as it may be. My flame suit is ready, but it is my opinion.

I got to the event at 7. Went up and Warren and Sherri were kicking ass as usual. There was no one to sign me up for work assignment. So, I went about my business gutting the car and teching and walking 3 times. The course was still not finalized while I walked my first 2 times, and maybe not even on my third walk. But, meh. This is a practice, not a really real event.

I came back and a coworker was talking about his work assignment and I was all "wow, they were doing assignments? It was just the payment side when I was up there." I ran up to the reg tent and sure enough there was now work assignments going on. I went to sign up for course like always, and was told there was a couple tech spots open. I haven't done tech in about 10 years, so I wanted to get back on that instead of my usual cone shagging, especially since my ankle has been messed up for the better part of a year with PT and doc visits. But, we need workers, lets go. So I sign up for tech.

I play with the fun course. I was honestly having fun. Got out of the car the first couple runs giggling and clapping my hands. Met a few new cool folks and kept going the practice go, where you wonder if you should just stop because your tires are already done. But......play......PLAY!!!!! GOG GO GOGOGOGOGo. So I burn all the runs.

Finish up and get ready to do the tech side and as I go to check in, the gentleman at the worker signup says "You can't work that, that's for club people." "OK, well, that was what I was given." "Who gave it to you?" "Doesn't matter, I need to work, I'm here to work and go home and see my kiddo. So whatever you need me to do I'll do." "Go work course." "Done."

I go to work the course and the 2 radios in our area are dead. One in one section, one in the section next to it. So I walk around before there are actual radio checks and the track is hot trying to see who has radios and if someone can bring us a functional radio in case of an "event". The one section I find with a radio radios in that there is no radio on 2 sections, and.........there is literally zero response from the trailer. So, both of our silent sections just figure we might as well try to handle it since the field was so light anyway.

The group to the North of ours is on their cellphones recording runs for the 90 minutes. The group to the South is hiding in the shade and rarely grabbing cones. I honestly gave up shagging cones between 2 stations because I was tired of watching people not grab cones because they were busy recording runs. And, how could I call in the discrepancy anyway because we had no radios and no communication from the trailer.

I ran 2 stations grabbing cones until my ankle gave out and I switched out with another station dude because he saw me running for 70 minutes of the 90 while I watched 2 dudes swap off between Instagram and grabbing 1 cone.

Look, I get it. It's a practice, nothing counts, we want new people to become involved and not discouraged and not run off. BUT.........there is no reason that radios should not work or be validated PRIOR to sending out the first car of a run group. There is no reason that people should be told they can't work a group they were signed up for because group privilege (I don't disagree with group privilege, but don't pull rank 3 hours after the fact, club benefit is club benefit, but you look like a jerk yanking it when turnover is happening). Lastly, and most importantly. The dedication and strictness is way different on the practice days than the champ days for every event that I have been to since I stopped in 2011. We NEED to have the new guys showing track respect. We NEED to have working radios. We NEED to have the same rules on every event, champ or practice. Otherwise you have new guys working a champ event after being allowed to slack on their one and only event which happens to be a practice and not doing what they need to do because "It's only a practice". I totally understand what is going on, and the leniency, and blah blah blah. But......When every section I see is sitting down, or taking videos, or waving their rally towel to their friends then not picking up down cones, and I can't ask for backup or ask for an instructor for someone who has no idea what they are doing because I have no radio and no one with a radio in our vicinity is getting a verbal "hi, I hear you, have a great day" from the trailer.......well.......that makes me as someone who cares not want to care and honestly not want to come down anymore.

I'm not busting this particular groups junk. But, I've seen a leniency given to practice days since I've started back up this year that I have never seen before. And for a club, event, safety, return person stand point, it really does need to be addressed. Consistency. Safety. Fun. Let's do this.

Again, flame suit on. This is just my observation from the 2018 events and the worst of which was today. Not club biased. But, just an overall allowance of mediocrity.

Hope you guys have fun and play hard tomorrow, and bring water and sunscreen.