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Thread: TART 6/9 Practice & 6/10 Championship

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    TART 6/9 Practice & 6/10 Championship

    I really liked the course for the practice. My last run was the fastest at 61.244

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    Really enjoy watching you drive, and actually got to see you from the course today. The guys at work have been drooling over your driving since the last installment.

    Loved the course today. Actually got out on the first run going "yayyyyyy this is fun!" Unfortunately, heat exhaustion wore in hard on the pavement today.
    No longer a white Focus hatch. Currently, 580 treadwear of meh. #737

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    Late Apex Photos Are Posted

    Iíve posted the photos from the TART 6/10/18 event at Late Apex Photo. I missed most of the first group due to hosting a guest at the event. Enjoy.
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