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Thread: FS: 1997 STS Miata, looks good, low miles

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    FS: 1997 STS Miata, looks good, low miles

    I'm selling my wonderful 1997 Miata, which I will miss dearly, but it's time to make space in the garage for the 2018 Camaro I just bought. This car is in STS trim, with I/H/E and Ohlins DFV coilovers. What distinguishes it from most other NA Miatas is that it looks nice, inside and out. This car has been garaged. Also, it has only 95k miles. The price is $6000, firm.

    Here is a link to a slide show of the car:!Ag5rW0GSxgbSvFQKAWAptwfsEVcB Towards the end of the slideshow, I show the car's minor flaws. For a 21 year old car that isn't a garage queen, it looks really good. It gets plenty of compliments.

    This car runs on the stock engine computer. It would pick up a lot of power with a standalone ECU and a tune - that is really all I think it needs to be very competitive in STS.

    Here are the key details about the car:

    • 95,XXX miles. Engine is tight, burns no oil.
    • MonsterFlow Intake, Jackson Racing header, Roadster Sport exhaust – street legal, passes CA smog check
    o Exhaust custom tuned by Ed Hanson to reduce drone
    • Ohlins coilover suspension
    o Racing Beat front sway bar
    o Car is aligned, has about 2.5 deg. neg. camber
    • Hard Dog roll bar – fits under soft top, top in good shape
    • 15x7.5 6UL wheels, 205/50 Bridgestone RE71R tires
    • Stock non-ABS brakes. Pads: Hawk HP Plus front, Hawk HPS rear. These pads work great for street, auto-x & track
    • Mazda Motorsports & IL Motorsports high-durometer rubber bushings and mounts everywhere they can go
    • Marrad sport seat – increased headroom, comfortable on street
    • Same owner since 2009, extremely well maintained at Rocky’s Miatomotive. I have receipts for maintenance for last 8 years.
    o Prior owner was Brian Goodwin (Good-Win Racing)
    • Needs nothing, registered thru April 2019
    • No Accidents, clean title

    List of blemishes: small dent on left front wheel arch (depicted in photo); dent in left lower rocker panel (in photo); several small spots where paint scraped off rear bumper cover (in photos); some wear on steering wheel (in photo); wheels have some blemishes but look good (in photos); multiple small door dings, not noticeable from most angles, and typical for this model due to thin body panels. Has an aftermarket heat shield which covers the headers, and the outer layer of aluminum foil is fraying.
    A/C has been removed.

    Bridgestone RE71R tires are about 70% worn, but aren’t old and have good grip.

    If interested, call or text: Six One Nine, eight eight Six-1487
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    It SOLD.

    My sweet NA found a new home in Los Angeles. Time now to prep my 2018 Camaro, which has almost completed its break-in miles.

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