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    New Lot Search Information

    Hello everyone, Iím Larry Houghton and the new chairman of the San Diego Region, New Lot Search Committee. Todd Cameron was the initial chairman, but his new work schedule precluded his ability to continue in that role.

    In an effort to keep everyone apprised on the progress of acquiring a new lot, I am posting this information here on the SDR Forum and will continue to periodically update this post with the latest status. I will also post a short note on the San Diego SCCA Autocross Facebook page with a link to this thread, indicating new updates.

    Much has been going on in the background since last year when it became obvious that the Stadium would be going away and unavailable for running Solo Events. We were officially notified that as of 12/31/2018, the stadium would close. The New Lot Search Committee was formed with volunteer representatives and alternates from each club. Several meetings were held with the first order of business to scout possible new sites. The directive was to talk to their club members and come up with ideas for sites without preconceived ideas about the reality of using each site. A lengthy list of over 25 locations was compiled and then each site was visited to collect real information about the size, conditions of the surface, the surrounding areas, access, etc.

    In parallel with this effort, Todd contacted the San Diego chapters of the BMW and Porsche clubs to explore their efforts and suggest that the three organizations would be better served by joining forces in a lot search. That was accomplished, and the three organizations then shared their lot lists. (see attachment) Each site is listed with itís approximate size and the conditions or reason the site was selected or not.

    More information is below.
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    There was an additional committee formed with representatives from SCCA, BMW and PCA. I have replaced Todd as the SCCA rep on that Future Autocross Site (FAS) committee. The need for a formal proposal was discussed and the framework was laid out. Sidney Chang generously offered to create the proposal that would be used to approach the final few sites that seemed best suited for success. The proposal has been completed and the final three possible sites identified. They are: Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach (Ream Field), Cal State Univ. San Marcos - Lot F and the Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium lot.

    The FAS Committee will approach all three locations, somewhat in parallel, with the hope of gaining access to at least one site. In the event that we gain access to more than one site, a decision will be made later as to how to schedule dates for 2019 season and beyond.

    The first group that we will approach is Naval Air Station North Island as they control our primary chosen site of the airport runway at Ream Field. Initial contact has been made and there was a positive response. The FAS is setting up a meeting with the Executive Officer and the Command Master Chief as soon as possible. This meeting will be attended by one representative from SCCA (myself), BMW and PCA, along with our two base contacts on the FAS committee. The proposal will be reviewed, questions answered, and details of the Navy’s concerns and requirements determined. If all proceeds well, the same FAS group will then meet with the Commanding Officer. The Navy has already requested contact information for other military bases where SCCA currently conducts Solo events. In my view, that request indicates a willingness to consider our request and I am gathering that information now.

    We are also getting the current contact information for the Cal State Univ. San Marcos - Lot F and the same FAS committee members will approach them soon.

    The Lake Elsinore Storm lot is in the Cal Club jurisdiction (Los Angeles area SCCA’s geographical boundaries), so we made contact and their BOD granted us permission to use the site. It is already being used for a driver training program. I will be contacting them in the coming weeks to gather details about the use of the lot and if everything is reasonable, and with the approval of the Solo board, I will attempt to schedule a one-day Solo, to be hosted by the San Diego Solo Committee, in the October/November time frame.

    As you may have seen in the news, there are two major efforts to redevelop the SDCCU (formally Qualcomm) Stadium site that may both be on the November ballot. But given the typical amount of time to design, conduct impact studies and acquire permits, etc., actual construction may be many months off. Although the city has stated that they will be closing the stadium at the end of the year, we are continuing to stay in contact on the chance that they may allow limited use past the end of this year.

    If anyone has any questions about the site selection, the process, etc., please post them here on the Forum and I will attempt to answer them in a reasonable timeframe.
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    Larry and crew, thanks for all the hard work on this!!


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    Awesome work Larry and the rest of the committee members

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    Another possibility, thinking a little outside the box so to speak. Why not lobby for a full on race course. Funded by the dealerships of San Diego (or Nationally). Using the East end of the San Diego Land fill, the area north of Kearny Mesa and just South of The Miramar Marine Air station West of I 15. The property is owned by the city of San Diego, produces no income to the city currently and due to the military presence is not suitable for residential development. Have it designed and paved by the participating auto dealerships to use to showcase their wares and also work as a world class race course. Corvette Owners Club, Cunningham BMW, Mercedes of San Diego as well as other commercial endeavors could and should get behind this. There is more than enough room for a full on road course as well as a large Nascar Oval, Drag strip for street racing and a parking lot for lots of fun. Chances for me living to see it would be slim and then there is the even less possibility of driving on it but it could be a good addition to San Diego and a money maker to boot.

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