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Thread: TART Practice 2/17/18

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    TART Practice 2/17/18

    No mail in entries received.
    Current as of 2/8/18 2:45pm
    Group A (25/25)
    Nima A
    Jeffrey A
    Lobna A
    Shaun A
    Patty C
    Kevin D
    Alberto F
    Edward G
    peter g
    Mike H
    Tim K
    Lisa L
    Jamie M
    Bryant M
    Jon N 2nd Driver Ashley W
    Justin O
    Ferrari P
    Adriane P
    Jeffrey P
    Luis R
    George R
    Gary S
    Ric S
    Bruno S

    Group B (25/25)
    Gil A
    Phil B
    Steve B
    Jeff B
    Ryan C
    John D
    Jacob D
    John D
    Arman F
    Nathan G
    Shicheng G
    Kevin L
    Tom L
    Carl M
    John P
    Ed P
    Craig R
    Eiman R
    Brent R
    Eric R
    Anthony R
    Tony S
    Visana S
    Sam V
    Alan W

    Group C (14/25)
    Kurt H
    Hank Y
    Ivan V
    Paul H
    Siggi G
    Chris H
    Richard C
    Ethan V
    Brian A
    Chris T
    Hooman A
    Fred F
    Richard W
    Wallace C

    Group D (14/25)
    Rachel M
    Elke c
    Kevin C
    Bryan W
    Joe R
    Silvio Z
    Eric T
    Whitney R
    Sasha M
    Juan G
    Kevin S
    Jay W
    Joe M
    Pelton B
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