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Thread: 2018 Banquet

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    2018 Banquet

    I started this to get every ones attention.
    For the vegitarians, there is a vegie-burger option.
    The baked beans are made with a pork juice but it is not an option.
    As a reminder, the entry deadline will arrive very soon so don't delay.
    There is an entry limit at this venue and NO wait lst.

    An attendance list will be updated here soon.

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    In addition to those on MSR, I can confirm these:

    Abrahim, Heather and Nima
    Azevedo, Jacalyn and Alcino
    Brady, Jane and John
    Chan, Kim and Larry
    Guerin, Erica
    Lonsdale, Jeff
    Miller, Carl
    Nottage, Jon
    Perry, Lorie and Rick
    Plante, Bob
    Trigg, Rachel and Eric
    VanStone, Vicki and Jeff
    Wille, Ashley
    Wolfe, Belinda and Mark
    Yanhfamg, Hank
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    We have still have room for one more table on Saturday.
    If you were hesatant, now is the time to go for it.
    Contact me or Robbie here if MSR is reluctant at this time.
    See you all there.

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