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Thread: October 28th and 29th Practice and Championship Cancelled!!!

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    October 28th and 29th Practice and Championship Cancelled!!!

    Is it just me or does it seem strange that between the seven San Diego Region Board of Directors, the San Diego SCCA Autocross Facebook page Admin and the five Solo Executive Board members, no one has posted the news here that the October 28th and 29th DCCSD Practice and Championship have been cancelled? On the SCCA SDR Schedule page, it shows cancelled. It was known about early this morning as the Club Reps were notified by E-mail at 7:35 AM today.

    I would have thought that posting the information early this morning on the Facebook page and the SDR Solo Forums (the Region’s official source of information) would be appropriate so that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to know about the cancellation of an event two weeks from tomorrow.

    I know everyone is busy, but a quick FB and Forum post wouldn’t take but a few minutes and would allow for people to make plans accordingly. Those running for points and planning on skipping Sunday’s event might rethink things with the loss of the next event.

    But I could be wrong. SMH

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    How come?

    So... what happened? There was no explanation either on the schedule or in the e-mail that went out, not even one as simple as "canceled by the stadium", like we saw last time. Anyone know the reason for the cancellation?

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    We were bumped by the stadium. A commercial (read higher paying) customer wanted the NE lot for a few days. That meant that the RV show (another higher paying customer) had to move to our lot. Apparently, Porsche had the west lot for a two day event.

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    Thanks for helping get the word out Larry.

    Please accept my apologies for the incompetence in leadership.

    I'll take full responsibility and try to do better.

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    Also my bad... Warren notified me to update the website within minutes of his getting the phone call. We did that, but I neglected to put the notice on the forum. I have no idea who runs the facebook stuff.
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    The member who was in charge of PR has asked to step down.

    If anyone wants to be more involved with the solo program and the region in general, let me know. We could obviously use help with our public relations.

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