For sale, used set of four BFG Rival S 1.5 in 225/45/15, stamped as heat cycled from Tire Rack. Heat cycling was recommended for extending the life of tires down to the last drop. Brand new these tires came with 7.2/32" tread, they are currently at +4/32" in the center but the edges are worn. Still a lot of rubber in the middle of the tread but my camber challenged car ate into the edges. I also flipped them once, thats why you'll see some of the inside edge is worn down. When installed regularly, my car doesn't even wear into the center or inside treads at all. These wear a lot better than the RE71R's I had on my car before this set. No punctures/plugs. Bought in March 2017.

Asking $30/tire. Please text me at 619 three-three-five 8845, as I'm not on these forums a whole lot. I'm located in south orange county and will run all CalClub events. I may be able to bring them down to a SD event as well. Thanks for looking!