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Thread: Porterfield RallyX #1 @ Glen Helen, Mar 15-16

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    Porterfield RallyX #1 @ Glen Helen, Mar 15-16

    Porterfield RallyX #1 @ Glen Helen, Mar 15-16

    Attention RallyCross Drivers. Off-season? We don't need no stinking off-season. Its time to sign up for the 2014 season baby.

    Full year calendar is up on the event website::

    Pre-Registration, Saturday Mar 15th Practice:

    Pre-Reg, Sunday Mar 16th Championship:

    Don’t forget to follow updates and announcements on twitter:

    2014 Porterfield RallyCross event #1 at Glen Helen is approaching. There's already a couple driver's signed up. Watch those entry limits as the season opener has a habit of selling out.

    Register early and often. Pre-registration helps greatly with event planning, plus it saves you money! You do not need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discounts. Remember, two free practice runs when you pre-reg for the practice.

    Don’t forget to thank Porterfield Brakes for being our title sponsor this year. They’re support has lead to a $5 discount in entry fees.

    Also thank Rally Innovations sponsorship of the Prize Pool this year, upping our contributions to $5/driver!

    Saturday (Practice) Fees:
    $10/lap or $40/5

    Sunday (Championship) Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $45 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $60 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)
    Reg Day-Of $70 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)

    Provisional Schedule as follows:
    Saturday Practice:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00
    Final Car ~4:30 or when demand drops

    Sunday Championship:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00
    Afternoon Awards ~5

    Detailed schedule (classes) to be released Wed before the event

    If you have any questions or problems registering, feel free to e-mail or call
    Jayson Woodruff

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    As typical I've gotten a barrage of "I MISSED IT" emails overnight.

    I'm re-opening Sunday's registration just until 2pm today, after that I really need to get the data into the scoring computer.

    Register right away, otherwise its day of reg at the added cost and hastle.

    Jay W

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    Porterfield rallyX #1 results are up

    Check them out on the main webpage.

    We totaled 83 drivers yesterday, 7 more than our previous record!

    80 drivers contributed to the 2014 Rally Innovations prize pool to get us to $400 after just the first event. The Prize Pool graph is updated and posted as well. The season series points will be updated in a few days and posted.

    Don't forget, the next event is the Johnson Valley EnduroRallyX. It'll probably be a month before I start pushing this event, but registration is open and it's only for a max of 20 drivers.

    Also the next Glen Helen event is the SoPac National Challenge. The format will change somewhat significantly from the past and I'll explain all that in a new thread in a couple weeks. Registration for the National Challenge is also open where we already have 8 entrants, many of them from out of state.

    Jay W

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