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Thread: Porterfield RallyX Practice and Event #7 @ Glen Helen, Dec 7-8... Finale!!!

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    Porterfield RallyX Practice and Event #7 @ Glen Helen, Dec 7-8... Final!!!

    Porterfield RallyX Practice and Event #7 @ Glen Helen, Dec 7-8... Finale!!!

    Attention RallyCross Drivers. Just one year ago we scheduled what looked like was going to be the longest RallyX season ever. And guess what, it's already over!!

    Just four and a half weeks to the Porterfield RallyX weekend Finale. We have 20 and 22 pre-registered already. Be sure to get those pre-reg entries in. With the very short daylight, we'll be holding strictly to the entry limit.

    Event website::

    Pre-Registration, Saturday Dec 7th Practice:

    Pre-Reg, Sunday Sept 8th Championship:

    Donít forget to follow updates and announcements on twitter:

    This being the season finale we will be handing out the season prize pool. Prize pool is currently at $1200 and has a real chance at breaking last years record of $1304. Champion jackets and season trophies will be handed out at the CRS banquite in Janurary (more info to come).

    Register early and often. Pre-registration helps greatly with event planning, plus it saves you money! You do not need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discounts. Remember, two free practice runs when you pre-reg for the practice.

    Donít forget to thank Porterfield Brakes for being our title sponsor this year. Theyíre support has lead to a $5 discount in entry fees.

    Saturday (Practice) Fees:
    $10/lap or $40/5

    Sunday (Championship) Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $45 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $60 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)
    Reg Day-Of $70 (includes $5 Porterfield discount)

    Provisional Schedule as follows:
    Saturday Practice:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00
    Final Car ~3:30 or when demand drops

    Sunday Championship:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00

    Detailed schedule (classes) to be released Wed before the event

    If you have any questions or problems registering, feel free to e-mail or call.

    Jayson Woodruff
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    Prize Pool so far. Each class is getting $3 contributed by each driver of that class all year long. Top three drivers of each class split their pool by 55% / 30% / 15%. More drivers in your class, means more $$ in your prize pool!!

    Current season standings can be found here:

    Jay W

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    Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to pre-reg. Everyon should check out the entry list and see if your buddy is missing. Wouldn't want them to have to pay $10-$25 extra to register day of.

    Practice pre-reg closes at the same time. 2 free runs for pre-registering.

    The rain forecast already went away, but it still looks like its going to be somewhat cold. Dress/plan accordingly.

    Jay W

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    Detailed schedules are now up on the event's home page:

    With the very short daylight schedule and our extended award ceremonies (series awards), we're going to need everyone's cooperation in keeping the event moving. Pay special attention to arriving early to the site, and arriving promptly to you run and work groups.

    Check in for Sunday's event will be available during Saturday's practice, probably after 11am. Please check in at this early time, as it'll save some Sunday bottle necking.

    BTW, prize pool graph was updated as well. We're just $11 short of breaking last year's prize pool record.

    Here's Sunday's schedule.
    7am-8:30 Tech, Reg and course walking open
    8:45am Driver's Meeting
    ---------Session --Running ----Working
    9am ------- 1----- S2 & PA----SA & P2
    ~10:15am-- 2-----SA & P2-----S2 & PA
    ~11:30am Lunch, Morning Awards, Tech, Reg, course walking
    ~12noon--- 3 -------M2 ---------MA
    ~1:30pm--- 4------- MA ---------M2
    ~3:30pm Afternoon Awards, clean up

    Jay W

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    Just a reminder I'll be selling the left over national challenge shirts for just $7/ea or 2 for $10. Probably Saturday only.

    Light on mediums, good numbers of small, large and XXL and a bunch of XL.

    A few of the staff polo shirts are mixed in to for the same price.

    After this weekend they go to good will.

    Jay W

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    Challenging weekend, but we made it work. Saturday lasted until a little after noon when the clogged up gully overflowed and flooded the land bridge area.

    But Sunday went we and fast. Didn't use the water truck, and finished competition before 3pm. This gave the opportunity for Saturday's driver's to use up a little more of the runs they bought on Saturday.

    So, results are up for Sunday's competition as well as the final series results on the event's site:

    Congratulations too all the winners and drivers. We handed out $1275 from the prize pool this year. Also congrats to the 'perfect attendance' raffle winner Kurt Smith, who gets a free season pass for next year.

    Also, big shout out to Porterfield ( ) who's not only brought us finical support, but has been kind enough to bring extra prizes and provide mechanical support at times as well. Please support them, they are my favorite motorsport shop to deal with.

    Jay W

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