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Thread: Porterfiled RallyX, May 17-19: SoPac National Challenge

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    Porterfiled RallyX, May 17-19: SoPac National Challenge

    Porterfiled RallyX, May 17-19: SoPac National Challenge @ Glen Helen

    Attention RallyCross Drivers. Time is nearing for SoPac's premier RallyCross weekend, the National Challenge. The National Challege is RallyX's equivilent of a Solo National Tour. Last year's National Challenge at Glen Helen hosted nearly double the number of entrants of most other's around the country, featured tight competition in all nine classes and resulted in earning the Division of the Year award from the SCCA. There was also about $2400 in contingencies taken in.

    This year we've got even bigger plans. With a month of pre-registration left there are already 52 driver's registered (Pre-reg list). For weekend entrants there will be free t-shirts and free lunch each day. Porterfield will be out to supply automotive fluids and display their goods.

    This is still going to be the novice friendly atmosphere that has helped us grow to the nations best RallyX program, but even better, free stuff. So don't let the hoopla scare off any first timers.

    The two day National Challenge will also count as Porterfield RallyX Events #2 and #3 of the season series. Which will make it a great time to catch up, or really pull ahead in those class battles. While the weekend event is prefered, it is allowed to register for only one day.

    Pre-Registration for the National Challege:

    Full year calendar is up on the event website::

    Donít forget to follow updates and announcements on twitter:

    Register early and often. Pre-registration helps greatly with event planning, plus it saves you money! You do not need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discounts.

    Donít forget to thank Porterfield Brakes for being our title sponsor this year. Theyíre support has lead to a $5 discount in entry fees.

    National Challenge Entry Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $90/Weekend (includes T-shirt and 2xLunch), $45 for one day
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $110/Weekend (includes T-shirt and 2xLunch), $60 for one day
    Reg Day-Of $70/day

    Provisional Schedule as follows:
    Tech and Reg:
    Friday 3pm-5pm
    Saturday 7:30am to 8:30 and at lunch
    Sunday 7:30am to 8:30 and at lunch

    Course Walking
    Friday 3pm-dark
    Saturday dawn to 8:30 and at lunch
    Sunday dawn to 8:30 and at lunch

    First car off at 9:00am each day
    All Awards on Sunday at Lunch and After event.

    Detailed schedule (classes) to be released Wed before the event

    If you have any questions or problems registering, feel free to e-mail or call

    Jayson Woodruff

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    A National Challenge is basically a higher stakes RallyX. There is competition runs on both Saturday and Sunday. The National Challenge results (which is the focus of the weekend) is the cumulation of all runs from both days. This is scheduled to be a total of 12 runs. We will be running ALL National Classes (i.e. RWD and FWD will be seperate classes).

    We will also be using the National Challenge as Porterfield RallyX Champ events #2 and #3 (Saturday and Sunday repectfully). Pretty much the same as last year.

    What other differences?
    1.) Contingencies: Essentailly prize money put up by manufactures to driver's of their cars. Currently we have Subaru, Mazda, Honda and VW, up to $300 for a 1st place result.
    2.) Required decals: Must have a "SCCA RallyCross" windshield banner, a SCCA RallyCross sticker on each side and a Porterfield sticker on each side. Contingencies have their own decal requirements that will be checked.
    3.) Awsome trophies. Not coming from my cheap stock, these should be pretty nice (mailed after event).
    4.) Free T-shirt!: Enter both days, get a free event T-shirt (more available for purchase).
    5.) Free Lunch!: Enter both days, get fed both days! Pomona Formula Motorsports (CalPoly's FSAE team) has agreed to BBQ for us. More food/drink availalbe for purchase, proceeds directly to PFM's program.

    It is possible to register for only one day, but the focus is on the weekend long competition and you will miss out on most the benifits. Our National Challenge last year was a great success, and I'd like to top it.

    Jay W

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    Up to 59 entrants, from 5 states so far. Lots of pre-reg left, looking like it going to be a great event. Here's a shot of the T-shirt design:

    Jay W

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    Just two weeks left until SoCals premier RallyCross weekend. Entries are up to 65 with the vast majority staying both days. Remember lunch is provided and T-shirts are free to those weekend entries.

    Updated the Season prize pool as well:

    Jay W

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    HEADS UP. Pre-registration for the National Challenge weekend ends tomorrow at midnight. I find myself a little behind in the preping, so I'm really not going to have time for those typical late "oh man, I forgot" requests. So GET ON IT.

    Also, I recommend everyone review the entry list. If your buddy, who you know wants to come, is not on there, GET ON HIM about registering ASAP. We currently have 77!

    Here's the 'public' entry list (update ~daily).

    Watch you mail boxes and this thread for announcement/updates.

    Jay W

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    Okay, busy on the back end.

    All results are now up. This includes, National Challenge Results, Saturday only Glen Helen results, Sunday only Glen Helen results, Course maps for each day, updated GH series results and update prize pool.

    Additionally, the next Glen Helen weekend (Sept 7-8) is open for registration.

    All the above is available on the CalClubRallyX webpage:

    If you don't have solid plans for this Memorial weekend, think about hitting up the NorPac National Challenge at Praire City. Link to Reg:

    The next JayCom event up is the Johnson Valley EnduroRallyX. Just two weeks away and we're short on entries: Link to Reg:

    The Fontana (AAA Speedway) charity AutoX event is three weeks away. No work and huge run/$ ratio. Link to Reg:

    Next on the to-do list is to start compiling a winners list for the National Trophies and the Porterfield credit prizes. If you were a National Challenge (weekend) trophy winner, keep an eye out for emails from me in the next day or two.

    Thanks all. Very big, very rewarding weekend.

    We'll talk extra T-shirts soon as well.

    Jay W

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    Congrats on your first class promotional efforts, Jayson. I'm sure it's appreciated by those in the sport.

    Well Done!

    John B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodrufj View Post

    Very big, very rewarding weekend.

    Jay W
    Jayson, thanks for a terrific weekend. Both courses were fantastic. Great event!

    I'll see you at the charity event, on Sunday.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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