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Thread: Glen Helen RallyX, Sept 15-16, CalClub

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    Glen Helen RallyX, Sept 15-16, CalClub

    Attention RallyCross Drivers, our summer break is nearing its end and its less than 6 weeks to the third SoCal RallyX of the season.

    Event Website:

    Pre-Registration, Saturday Championship:

    Pre-Reg, Sunday EnduroRallyX:

    Don't forget to follow details on the CalClubRallyX twitter feed:

    The second half of the 2012 Glen Helen RallyCross season is here. The September event is going to include championship event #4 (season points event) on Saturday and for the first time at Glen Helen a EnduroRallyX on Sunday.

    There's already 21 driver's signed up for the championship and 9 for the EnduroRallyX. While there's plenty of room right now, to keep from being left out, be sure to keep an eye on the entry limits.

    Register early and often. Pre-registration helps greatly with event planning, plus it saves you money! For Saturday's championship you do not need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discounts. Due to the necessary rigid scheduling of the EnduroRallyX, it's registration is pre-reg and prepay only.

    Saturday (Championship) Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $50
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $60
    Reg Day-Of $75

    Sunday (EnduroRallyX) Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $80
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $90
    No Day-Of Reg

    Provisional Schedule as follows:
    Saturday Championship:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00
    AM Classes
    Lunch and Morning Awards ~12
    PM Classes
    Afternoon Awards ~5

    Detailed schedule (classes) to be released Wed before the event

    Sunday EnduroRallyX:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-7:45
    First car off at 8am
    Final Car ~5pm or when demand drops

    What's an EnduroRallyX?
    The EnduroRallyX format at Glen Helen will be a little different than the desert events. There will be two separate circuit courses laid out. Pairs of driver's will be scheduled for a specific start time. The pair of driver's will take to the courses and continuously lap for 15minutes. At the expiration of 15minutes the driver's will stop and line up on the other course for another 15minutes of continuous lapping. The event is scored by number of laps completed with a 'residual' time tie breaker. Finer details are found in the supplemental regulation on

    If you have any questions or problems registering, feel free to e-mail or call

    Jayson Woodruff

    Jay W

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    Tell that Ken guy he's gunna get a real a$$ kicking.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nalbar View Post
    Tell that Ken guy he's gunna get a real a$$ kicking.
    ;-) I think he knows.

    Jay W

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    Don't procrastinate, if you don't keep an eye on the entry limit it just might fill up. We're already over half full with well over a month to go.

    Jay W

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodrufj View Post
    ;-) I think he knows.

    Jay W
    I know. I will be there. No soaking wet with me running first this time

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    Handful of pre-reg entries in the championship over the weekend has now pushed the series prize pool over $1000!

    Yikes, too much higher and I might have to issue 1099s! You can find updates on the event website (under Results):

    Note that last year's prize pool was $728, and we still have an event an a half worth of entries to go. Each class is earning $4 per entrant into it's class prize pool (reflected in the graph). The series payout will be 55%, 30%, 15% of prize pool to 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectivally.

    For those going to Lincoln and thinking about running the RallyX, don't put off pre-registration. It's very likely that it'll be sold out by the time you come back from Nationals.

    Jay W

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    We're up to 55 entries with 4 weeks left. That leaves only 15 more spots for the Saturday points event, its looking like another sell out.

    Conversly the EnduroRallyX entries have been slow. If you're interested in the format register early so I don't have to cancel it.

    Jay W

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    Big News,

    The Glen Helen RallyX series has picked up it's first sponsor.

    Rally Innovations has taken up the call to sponsor the award's cermeony for the Sept 15 points event.


    Rally Innovations is also going to put on a raffle at the Sept 15th event for one of their high quality light bars.

    These specific fit light bars have a value of $270 and are available for:
    Impreza STi '04-'12,
    WRX '02-'12,
    RS/2.5i '99-'10,
    Forester '98-'09
    Outback/Baja '05-'11

    The raffle will work as follows:
    Every event entrant will receive one free ticket to place in the raffle.
    To increase your odds additional tickets will be available to drivers and spectators alike for $5/ea.
    All raised cash will go to a TBA charity.
    Raffle draw will be during the afternoon Rally Innovations Award Ceremony (must be present to win).

    Please be sure to thank Rally Innovations for their support of our sport.

    Jay W

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    Okay, I warned you. The Saturday points event is SOLD OUT. Yes, 70 entries, sold out a record 12 days before the event.

    Now, for all you losers that missed the cut off. I will allow exceptions to the pre-reg limit on a very limited basis for co-drivers only. Everyone else, all I have left is a standby list, first come first served at the event.

    For even more fun, sign up for the Enduro. We have plenty of room and will be getting plenty of seat time.

    Jay W

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdawg View Post
    No soaking wet with me running first this time
    You can always tell the experienced ones,

    They always have an excuse ready.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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    Results are up!

    Check the webpage, click results tab.

    Jay W

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