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Thread: Glen Helen RallyX, May 18-20, National Challenge, CalClub

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    Glen Helen RallyX, May 18-20, National Challenge, CalClub

    Attention RallyCross Drivers. We had record attendance at the Glen Helen season opener and competition is looking VERY up. The next event is 1 month away and designated as a National Challenge RallyCross weekend.

    This weekends event will have six competition runs on each Saturday and Sunday. The total of both days runs (12) will be your official time.

    As this is designate a National Challenge RallyCross, contingency support (prizes money) has be aquired for Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Volkswagon and JayCom Services.

    Event Website:

    Twitter account.

    Pre-Registration for the weekend:

    The prefered entry is for the entire weekend, but individual entries for each Saturday and Sunday are an option.

    Saturday and Sunday's event results will be use as Glen Helen Series events #2 and #3 respectivally. So this is a critically important weekend to attend if you have hopes of doing well in the big payout Glen Helen series.

    Due to the abundent day light the entry cap is rasied for this weekend, but there is still a chance we could sell out. As of now there is already 30 pre-reg entries. Don't get caught out.

    Event Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $90 weekend/$50 one day
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $110 weekend/$60 one day
    Reg Day-Of $75 each day

    Provisional Schedule as follows:

    Friday Set up:
    Tech and Reg 3pm-5pm
    Walking 3pm-dark

    Each Saturday and Sunday:
    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00

    AM Classes
    Lunch and Morning Awards(Sun) ~12
    PM Classes
    Afternoon Awards(Sun) ~6

    Detailed schedule (classes) to be released Wed before the event

    If you have any questions or problems registering, feel free to e-mail or call

    Jayson Woodruff

    More details found on the home forum:

    Jay W

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    Watch that pre-reg everyone, don't procrastinate.

    Last event sold out a week before the event, and lots of people got left twisting in the wind. Now we're already at 50 entries with three weeks to go. Please register early!!!

    The National Challenge moniker is bringing a few travlers this time. Competition should be plenty stiff. Fun for all!

    Jay W

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    I just had an idea.

    Anyone own a all wheel drive Mazda and want to make $100 racing it? Colin, this means you!

    By the way, with the record entries last month, plus the upcoming pre-reg list, the 2012 prize pool is already higher than 2011's, and we're only half done!

    Jay W

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    Last day to register

    pre-entry gets cut off at midnight and day of penelties are double harsh this weekend.

    Stock Front Wheel Drive is really slacking. 14 at the last event, just 4 this time around. All other classes are thriving though, 68 entries right now.

    Jay W

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    Comprehensive results up now.

    Includes Saturday and Sunday's break out (combining FWD and RWD classes for points) and re-post of the weekend results to include the detailed run by run list at the bottom (cones and penelties shown)

    Prize pool and Series standings also updated.

    Jay W

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