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Thread: 2012 CalClub RallyX Calendar

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    2012 CalClub RallyX Calendar

    2012 CalClub RallyX Calendar (Changes always possible)
    I'm putting on five RallyX weekends next year for a total of 9 days of RallyX.

    Event Web Site:

    Saturday March 31st - Glen Helen RallyX Practice
    Sunday April 1st - Glen Helen RallyX Championship #1

    National Challenge May 19-20th - Glen Helen RallyX Championship #2 & #3

    Saturday June 2nd - Johnson Valley Enduro RallyX Club Meeting (Pre-Reg Only)

    Saturday September 15th - Glen Helen RallyX Championship #4
    Sunday September 16th - Glen Helen Enduro RallyX (Pre-Reg Only)

    Saturday October 20th - Glen Helen RallyX Practice
    Sunday October 21st - Glen Helen RallyX Championship #5

    Registration is open if so inclined.

    Jay W
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    Note first weekend was moved three weeks later.

    Jay W

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    thanks for this info! ^^

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