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Thread: Rally-X #2 in San Diego

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    Angry Rally-X #2 in San Diego

    Hey Guys, I don't want to forget to tell you about this rallycross like I did last time.

    I Directed the last SDCR rallycross at Horizon MX park last year with the help from a few of you, and Bret N. and my lead volunteer Kenny Berchtold. Last years event was one of my rookie events that I Organized without piggybacking other events (aka SD Club Racing Season 1-2-3-4)! It was incredible and fun! Everyone stated it was the most fun rallyx course they ever drove! Since then I have directed 3 Stand alone Gymkhana and training days at Barona.

    I want to see Warren, Ian Allegoren, Marco V. and others out there this time!!!

    here are the pictures and video from the last event:

    here is the driver's list from last year's event:

    I have been working on a second venue on and off for some time with limited success.

    I am happy to say, the day after the Glen Helen event, the next venue literally fell in my lap. I jumped on it, and had a meeting with the property manager, his IT guy and my lead volunteers. and we came to an agreement for the next rallycross for San Diego.
    It is only 40 minutes East of Qualcomm Stadium on the 8 freeway. And only $40 to sign up!

    If you are interested, please visit this link (contact info is listed in this link):

    Contact me and I'll get you on the pre-registration list,
    760-315-2372 -Justin Goen

    I apologize as there is just over 2 weeks of time before the event, so the information is limited. More info is coming out and you can ask here or on for more info. I didn't want to overlap the SCCA autocross schedule.

    Dirty Impreza thread.

    thanks guys, see you out there!
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    Updated thread with flyer

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    Here is the link to the pictures and hero camera videos.

    here is the link to the results:

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    Reviving an old thread here, but is there going to be a 2012 event like this??

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    We are working on it... Change in management on the racing property made it difficult. BTW did you make it to the last 2 events? Or the gymkhana or racing season?

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    Bump again I would also like to see another event from you. I went last November (Jonathan, silver wrx, red mud flaps) and it and the course was a blast. I'm sure you will have lots of supporters from dirtyimpreza also.

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    No, didn't make it. Until recently, I didn't realize how accessible all this really is.

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