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Thread: Glen Helen RallyX, Oct 15-16, CalClub

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    Glen Helen RallyX, Oct 15-16, CalClub

    Attention RallyCross Drivers. The 2011 RallyX season is closing fast upon us and it's time to start siging up for the Finale weekend of the Glen Helen RallyX series.

    Just four weeks away, October 15th and October 16th will be the final weekend for the Glen Helen Series. Saturday is an open practice day, Sunday is the normal championship.

    Link to Registration (MyAutoEvents)
    Pre-reg closes the week before the event, then prices go way up.

    Tech and Reg open at 7am
    Walking 7am-8:30 and at Lunch
    First car off at 9:00

    Saturday (Practice) Fees:
    $10/lap or $40/5

    Sunday (Championship) Fees:
    Pre-Reg SCCA Members $50
    Pre-Reg Non-Members $55
    Pre-Reg 2nd Entry* $40
    Reg Day-Of $70
    *2nd Entry is any "X" run after normal class runs

    There's already 14 entries spread well over the classes. Now is the time to register so we can start planning for the number of entrants! You do not need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discount.

    For the Championships there are trophies for the class winners and medals for top 3 in all classes. And again there will be a special prize for top lap of each day. Additionally, at least $4 of every entrant goes into the prize pool for the season series (details can be found on the site). Season prize pool is already at $552.

    Novices and experts alike are welcome. If you think you need it, instruction is usually easy to find, and we have some loaner helmets for free use as well.

    Link to CalClub RallyX Page

    We've got pretty good momentum on the year, so lets close it out strong for a seriously cool season.

    Jay W

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    Two weeks until Southern California's final RallyCross of the year. With Solo national's over and this being an 'off' weekend for the AutoXers, it's a perfect time to come out and try your hand in the dirt.

    We tend to get a pretty big group to the RallyX from San Diego, probably due to the area's floundering program (off your ass Bret and Greg). I also love seeing the AutoXer's out there, I hear there's a carpool of AutoXer's possibly coming up this time.

    If you're unsure of full blown competition, Saturday is a 'Practice' day where it's very informal and and you can simply pay per run. We're up to about 15 practice entries.

    For Sunday's championship, we're at 35 entries spread mostly to the MOD side of classing. The stock class (esp 2wd) is expected to pick up several entries from the rental car crowd and usually turns out to be our biggest class.

    We have award ceremonies at Lunch and at the end of the day. Since this is the season finale we'll also be giving out the season awards, including about $700 in cash (well, checks).

    Note you do not need to pre-pay to pre-reg, so if you know your coming, reg as soon as possible or end up paying more.

    Call or e-mail me for questions.

    Jay W

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    Just one week to go!

    Pre-reg cuts off on Wednesday, then it's $70 on site ($20 more!). you don't need to pre-pay to take advantage of the pre-reg discount, just pick "pay at event".

    This is looking to be the biggest weekend we've had all year. Although the normal juggernaught Stock 2WD class is WAY down on entries. This is where the rental cars come play. I'd love to see some of you outlayers sign up and join us, I think you'll greatly enjoy my event methods.

    Jay W

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    Pre-reg closes at midnight tonight. We've currently got 66 pre-entries in. I would register as soon as possible because we might just hit the limit of 80 entrants for Sunday.

    Loads of fun, weather is looking great for the weekend as well.

    Jay W

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    Thanks for all those that came out to the RallyX. We had record attendance on Saturday's practice (52) and the largest crowd this year on Sunday's practice (60).

    Results are up on the RallyX web page.

    We ended up with approximately $750 in series cash given away in addition to championship jackets and trophies.

    It'll be a few months until next year's schedule is finalized. We're hoping for four weekends in 2012.

    Jay W

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    Great job, Jayson!

    I loved the course. I thought it was an excellent use of the lot.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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