The following is a work in progress.



SCAT   Southern California AutoCross Team.  One of the original car clubs.   This club has a site at http://www.sdr-scat.com/ but it does not appear to be updated since 2009.  They meet monthly at Marie Calendars in La Mesa…or the Cocos. Club colors are blue.

SCNAX  Southern California National AutoX     This is a newer club started in 2007 by Randy Chase.    Other than the occasional social get together, the club meets virtually online. Club colors are gray.

DCCSD  Datsun Competition Club San Diego.  As one might guess, the club originally was a Datsun (the old name for NISSAN) back in the day.  It is possible that no members actually own a Datsun.  They are open to all cars.  Club colors are dark blue.

SDAD  San Diego Asebring Drivers Another of the older original clubs.  See definition of ASEBRING.  They meet monthly at Marie Calendars in La Mesa.  Club colors are yellow.

Asebring.  Really an old word which meant autocross.  This word predates the Internet so one has to search stone tablets for a defiinition

Gymkhana  This is a type of autocross and is the term used more often in other countries. In certain areas like UK, this also covers the sport which involves more gimmicks such as reversing into a cone garage, grabbing something from the car, rotating about a cone, etc. The word has become more widespread with the videos from Ken Block.

Autocross.  A timed car control race through elements defined by cones.

SOLO.  Another word used for autocross.

SOLO2.  This was what SCCA used to call autocross as there was a SOLO1 which is more of a track day time attack.  Around 2008 SCCA formally dropped SOLO2 and replaced it with SOLO.

SCCA.  Sports Car Club of America.  A 65,000+ member organization that promotes motorsport involvement at all levels.

Qualcomm.  The naming rights given to Jack Murphy Stadium means most people now refer to the lot as Qualcomm, though technically the stadium is Qualcomm Stadium and the lot is still Jack Murphy Field.

A Good Day.  The easy definition of A GOOD DAY in autocross, is if you can make it to the end of the day without being yelled at.